How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Gaming Companies Improve The Experience For Both Their Players And Own Business?


AI can help gaming companies improve the experience for both their players and their own business. In this article I will be talking about real money gaming and also traditional games of skill and chance, which can both be helped by AI. I have had a long track record myself in creating platforms that utilise AI in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. In fact, one of my past companies had created one of the first ever platforms that used AI in the gaming industry.

AI can help gaming operators in various ways. One main way is by matching players automatically to offers and bonuses which they would like to have or be appealing to those particular players. In some countries that have regulations on the types of bonus offers that can be made and restrictions on the level of tailored personalization that can be offered, AI can help operators make the right choices at the right time. Also, by making sure that players are categorized correctly from the very start, making sure that someone who likes a particular game or a particular category of games is matched to the right category automatically — and is given relevant offers and relevant experiences that they would like. Gamification of the experience is also important, by enabling things like tournaments, interactive contests, getting points for repeated visits, assigning players to quests in which you get a more incentives to play more.

AI can also help by making sure that the game mechanics themselves are exciting. This applies to both real money and games of skill, in which you make sure that things like volatility — that is, how exciting or unpredictable a particular game is, when the player should take a particular twist or turn in a game, and by determining when a player is getting a bit bored or put off, or maybe have lost too much and are getting turned off and frustrated excessively. Getting these factors determined correctly at the right time will result in a better experience for the player. By having AI assisting operators and their staff have a perfect understanding of the player, AI can help provide VIP-like levels of customer service for absolutely each and every player, regardless of their current lifetime value.


I think AI is going to make gameplay much more exciting, by having more sophisticated models that will automatically take the player and the emotional state of the player into account.

AI is important to ensure there is a responsible gaming experience, especially in real money gaming. You need to ensure a player, for example, is betting too much and losing too much, if this goes beyond a certain level or if they start showing signs of addictive behaviour, you cool them off or pause them a little bit. AI can thus sure that players are limited temporarily in a safe manner, and maybe flag human customer support to get someone to talk to them and make sure they are ok. For skill games and non-real money games, ensuring that a player has not been playing the same game without a healthy break will also lead to a better environment.

This will ensure a safe and responsible environment in which people are having fun. At the end, gaming is all about fun and entertainment!

AI will also help ensure that marketing budgets are spent in a better manner, that customers actually get offers that they like and appreciate, and also the experiences that they enjoy. In my vision of the future, AI will open up new types of games in which there will be more people playing against AI as it gets ever smarter. AI has been extensively used in games traditionally, being one of the very first applications of AI since the 1960s. When you see what’s happening in smart phones, this is something that I think will be here forever, with AI increasingly entertaining us as it becomes cleverer.

AI and gaming go hand in hand together — an exciting combination of both AI, game design and the resulting interaction between man and machine, while making sure that the experience for players and for the companies providing the experience is enhanced all around.

Angelo Dalli is a serial entrepreneur and super-angel investor with a tech background and AI expertise - and a part-time marathon runner :-)